In this episode, I enjoyed a fantastic conversation with Saranya Ravichandran. But, first, I let her introduce herself:

"Hello, this is Saranya Ravichandran - FP&A Manager at PayPal by profession. As much as I love my career, I also like to explore various things - including travel, photography, and blogging. I'm a lifestyle writer on Quora by passion, where I write about my experiences around the world, different encounters with people, and just about everything under the sun."

Then let me tell you that Saranya is my first guest who no longer lives in France. I wanted to have the perspective of someone coming and living in France for a couple of years only. After all, moving to France does not have to be an eternal decision.

Saranya is a brilliant woman who described her life in Paris as "living in a poem." But she also candidly shared the challenges she faced and how that made her stronger. She chose France because she was looking for a unique experience and a place with good diversity. My favorite part was her reflection of the girl who came to Paris for two years vs. the woman who came back to India.

You can read her essays and reflections in Quora, where she is a top writer, and follow her adventures on Instagram.



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